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April 18th, 2016 by jayq

When curvy Krista Allen calls some ‘help’, may it be a plumber or her reliable electrician, be prepared for an extensive work that will stretch and flex those muscles good that could last a nice few minutes to an hour depending on how deep they need to go with the problem. In Allen’s case, it has to be both her holes that needed some probing and they are both so deep that these men needed to work as a team in order to satisfy their client. The moment they arrive and seeing Allen with those juicy tits screaming for some wild action, there’s no question that things are just about to go very busy and sweaty. Two BBCs are her favorite men to invite over if she needed that not-so-quick fix and it often goes smoothly because these dudes know what to expect somehow. They get a good tip when they drill that tight ass and wet cunt at the same time as one of Allen’s boy toy watches. She enjoys making this particular dude jealous when she has these huge stiff cocks stuffing her hard and giving her their juice in that nasty mouth.

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April 14th, 2010 by kris

Here’s hot Krista Allen in a gorgeous photoshoot that has her on her belly, teasing us with a little sideboob and with a playful twinkle in her eyes. She knows just how to tease us, biting her finger and sucking on it wistfully, as if wondering what a cock would feel like in her mouth at that moment. Let me stick my own cock between those lovely lips of yours, Krista, so you can get hands-on and say for yourself what it would really feel like.

Or if you’re not up to fantasizing at the moment, you can just drool at the pictures themselves; pictures of gorgeous Krista Allen in sexy lingerie, spread out on the sheets, bathed in a very suggestive, heavy glow. Whoever composed these shots is a genius, and a daft hand at bringing out Krista Allen’s best side. Or actually, her best side’s her titty side, so we’re somewhat cheated of the real goods that we want to see. The thing is, we do have good pictures of Krista Allen fully naked; I just threw out these pictures your way as a teaser. Just click on to see the real deal with Krista.

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April 14th, 2010 by kris

So we’ve got the raunchiest Krista Allen nude pictures for you to keep yourself occupied when you’re all alone and wanting a stroke at your cock! See Krista Allen’s perky and round tits as she poses in front of you, rubbing her clit and getting herself wet for your pussy-pounding pleasure! We’ve rounded up these sexy pics of Krista Allen getting hornier and hornier by the minute. We have pictures of her getting in the mood as she sticks a vibrator in her pussy, and we even have her nabbing a guy and pinning her between her legs as she licks his cock and waits open-mouthed for his cum to fill her up good.

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March 24th, 2010 by kris

Krista Allen has the perfect body, and even if she keeps trying to develop away from being just a sex symbol, having a hot pair of tits and a delectable pussy will never keep her away from being the object of many men’s lust. And she’s a bit of a hypocrite too, come to think of it. If you’re going to swear off being called a sex symbol, you should damn well stay out of sexy and naked photoshoots like this! But don’t mistake my being critical for disgust, Krista; I actually like seeing your naked photos, so keep ’em coming. Especially when you lean over like that and stick your ass out, all while keeping a half-open mouth in suggestion.

And those perky nipples! I’d like to lick at them and feel Krista shudder from ecstasy, then give her ass a quick rap with my hands and massage her whole body, until she’s so horny she’ll rip off her thong, sit on my cock and start squatting away until I blow my cum inside her wet pussy. If you’d like a stab at Krista Allen’s naked and sexy body, I suggest you take a look past the link for more pussy-licking goodness.